Documentary Series 

“Resistance is a hybrid approach to cinema that questions the strict categorization of film modes and genres, integrating journalism, filmmaking and multidisciplinary art. “

Resistance is an experimental, poetic, feature-length film presenting an artistic response to four of the world's longest-running humanitarian catastrophes, in four geographically distinct episodes.

Resistance Four places of crisis, where human beings have been pushed to the margins of existence. Their testimony echoed and amplified by the interpretation of international artists. A haunting yet playful exploration by director Sidal Ergüder of the liminal space between experimental, documentary and fictive filmmaking.

The director of the documentary series, Sıdal Ergüder, was a speaker in the “Comparative Desserts” conferance organised by Williams College on May 20-21 2021.

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                   Jesus Van
                   Niccolo Massini
                   Sandra Edigo
                   Tatah Lehbib
                   Alarbi Lehbin
                   Zarga Abedlah AbedAzza

Producer                  Zero Productions
Director                    Sıdal Ergüder
Cinematographer     Gerard Aparicio
Art director              Yannick Robes Esquiva
Music Supervisor     Simulacrum Sound
Composer                Tarık KarakoçR.Ozan Demir
Consultant               Mayka Guerao Enríquez  & Nomads HRC
Graphic Design        Utku Ergüder