zero productions

Walter Bampfylde (62) is the majority shareholder in NY and afflicted with autism. He is consulting to double agent for Russia and her native Romania Nadia (30) to discover a remedy for his illnesses. On their journey to Moscow, he will meet with Dr. Zibok and his virtuoso treatment.

about the director

Photographer and film director Romulo Sans’ last project ever  “AGCT” is broadcasting for the first time with Zero Productions on the 1st Anniversary of he’s passing.

“Sans’ continual observation of worldwide concerns and his desire to use imagery as a vehicle to understand disconcerting issues...

I could only witness his last 3 years on Earth, Sans was brimming with motivation, completely devoted to his speciality and spreading the brightest light to the film industry. He is a Genuine Artist and a True Maestro.

Producer and Editor AGCT
Sıdal Ergüder